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 About Shadow Duels

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{Eclipse} Seraph

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PostSubject: About Shadow Duels   About Shadow Duels EmptySat Jun 06, 2015 12:20 am

Every time you interact with others on Eclipse Dueling Academy (EDA) you gain Duel Points (DP) whether it's through posting, adding friends or just being on the website. Shadow duels are simply duels with a bet, you can challenge any user to a shadow duel with a bet of up to 50 DP, if you only own 20 DP you may only bet 20 DP, both participating duelists must agree on the amount and bet the same. Also a date for the duel must be agreed on between the duelists so that an overseer may watch the duel.

You may duel anyone from the academy regardless of dorm and can either challenge someone or post a notice for someone to challenge you. Once you've bhave decided betting amounts, a date for the duel and who you're dueling you must post a request in the Shadow Duels forum in order to make it legit, if accepted you may proceed with the duel.

9 times out of 10 an admin, dorm leader or moderator will over see the duel to ensure a cheat free and friendly duel, in the instance that there is no-one available, the winner must provide a screen shot as proof to an admin of their win, you may then get your betted DP.

In the case of:
1) Cheating: If a player cheats in an un-watched shadow duel make sure you screenshot it and provide evidence to an admin.

2) Rude behaviour/bullying: One of our top priorities is a safe and friendly academy, under no circumstances do we tolerate bullying, if your opponent is making negative remarks then again report it to an admin with a screenshot as evidence. We ask that you don't retaliate as we wouldn't want to magnify a bad situation because of this if you do retaliate we will not only punish your opponent but you also.

3) Disconnection: If you disconnect on accident from the duel make sure to contact your opponent, it is their choice if they will start over the duel or move onto the next.

4) Cancelling: If for some reason you want to cancel your Shadow Duel after it has been accepted you must notify an admin, if we accept that your reason is legitimate we will cancel your Shadow Duel, if we deem the reason to be unreasonable then it is up to your opponent as to whether the duel is cancelled, if they choose to cancel it you must notify an admin and provide evidence of your opponents agreeance to cancel the duel. If your opponent doesn't wish to cancel the duel then you may either duel them or forfeit, forfeiting will result in your opponent being awarded with the DP bet.

5) Post-poning: Again if you have a reason that you can't attend your Shadow Duel then you may post pone the duel however your opponent must agree on the new date, your new chosen date must be within 2 days of the original duel date. Your opponent has the right to also post pone the duel, the same rules apply. If the duel doesn't happen within 4 days from the original duel date then the person who was offline or didn't attend the duel despite being online will instantly forfeit, the DP bet will go to the other duelist. In the case that neither duelist attends despite being online, both your bets will be deducted and neither will receive the betted DP.

Any cheating or rude behaviour/bullying will result in a form of punishment, depending on severity it could be a warning to a shadow duel ban. We ask that you respect the rules put in place by the admins as we do it for your benefit to try and keep an ordered, safe and friendly environement.

Any questions regarding Shadow Duels, please post them below, happy dueling!

- Seraph cherry
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About Shadow Duels
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